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  Top quality, also called the fork spindle swingarm link pivot pinset by BGM. The swing arm bearing is responsible for precise wheel guidance and takes all the punishment from steering the scooter and road contact, play in this can be an MOT fail so needs to be regularly checked and taken care of.


  The stud is fixed in the forkleg and is guided by needle bearings in the fork link assembly. These are sealed by 'O' rings and 'V' rings and the bearings are sealed in with pressed in (or punched) 'star' staples.


Suitable for the following Vespas:

PX80e PX125e, PX150e, PX200e, EFL, Disc, MY (ALL PX's from 1984 onwards - V8X1T , VLX1T , VNX1T , VNX2T , VSX1T , ZAPM09, ZAPM18, ZAPM50, ZAPM51, ZAPM74), T5 125 (VNX5T), Cosa 125-200 (VSR1T, VNR1T, VNR2T), PK 50 (V5X1T), PK 50 XL2


Product code: LUBGM7920

Vespa forks - Fork link bearing spindle pivot pinset pin set

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