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 Top quality, made by German company INA which is a subsiduary of FAG.

 The front hub backplate requires two needle roller bearings. Only one extra long bearing can be fitted along with one standard bearing.

When the axle is worn, fitting one of the extra long needle rollers uses parts of the shaft previously unused, making the hub and backplate more solid.


Suitable for the following models:
   PK s, PK xl, PX, PE, PX EFL, T5, T5 classic, PX '98, PX disc and cosa

Also suitable for:

   LML Star 125 & 200 2 and 4 stroke, Delux3 2 and 4 stroke, Speedy, Stella, ET4 and ET2 plus various other automatic scooters.

Vespa front hub, 20mm - extra long backplate needle roller

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