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  Anyone who weighs over 60kg (10 stone) or often takes a passenger knows the value of good quality shock absorbers. Curves are easier to negotiate, potholes no longer mean panic attacks at high speeds are easy to master. 


  These YSS Mono X- Pro series front shock absorber are top quality and with its continuously variable spring preload handles the roads effotlessly. They are also one of the few sports shock absorbers with TUV certification. Ideal for those without the deepest of pockets and therefore a genuine alternative to the ultimate high end shocks.


Length: 255mm


Body colour: black, spring colour: black


Spring pre-load: continuously adjustable


Comes with adjuster bar and allen key for locking off



Suitable for the following models: P80X, P150X, P200E, PX80E, PX125E, PX150E, PX200E/, EFL, Lusso, `98, MY, 2010 / 2011 and T5.


YSS SPORT SHOCKERS - comfortable and Grade AA - first class repair.


Vespa Front Shock - YSS Mono X-PRO - PX,PE,T5,EFL,Disc Etc

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