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Good quality, made by FA Itailia.  The gear selector rod connects the slector box on the outside of the motor, with the slector cruciform inside the motor.  This enables the cruciform to be placed exactly in position with the desired gear cog on the output shaft every time you change gear and make sure that the power of he motor can be effectively transmitted through the gears.  Always make sure you order the gear selector rod specific to your type of engine.  Otherwise the gears will not remain selected and will jump out during use.

Please remember the cruiform is a LEFT HANDED THREAD when you screw it into the selector rod.

Not suitable for early Vespas or the very early PX.


Fits the following models:

PX125 E, PX150 E, EFL 98, MY 2011 & 2012, T5, Cosa, also fits the LML Start 125 - 2004T, Star Deluxe 125-150 4T

Vespa - Gear selector rod - EFL/MY etc

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