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Top quality metal hub nut cover for rear and later front drum brakes, Ø 36 mm diameter. 


Suitable on front and back on PX125e mk2, PX150e mk2, P200e mk2, EFL, `98, MY `11/`2012, T5, also for Vespa 50 Special V5B1 - 4T, SS, 90 R, SS, 100 2°, 125, PV, ET3, 125 GT, GTR, TS, 150 GL, GS VS5T, Sprint, V, GS 160, SS 180 and Rally.


Rear only for PX125X, P150X, P200E mk1, PX125e mk1, PX150e mk1, 125 VGLA & B

Vespa hub nut cover - for rear and 20mm drum brake hubs - metal

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