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Top quality, made exclusively by Lambretta upgrades to suit the Malosssi 139cc and 166cc Vespa GTR 125 mk2, 150 sprint and Super, 125 GTR, PX 80, 125 & 150, P125X, P150X, PE, Lusso and Cosa.


Thicker base and / or head gaskets are required when using longer stroked crankshafts, but getting the port timings and squish correct even with a standark crank is very important if you want your scooter to perform to it's optimum.


Thicker base and heads gaskets / spacers are required to raised cylinders and crankshafts that have a longer stroke. With compensation by a base gasket, the outlet times are lengthened and the transfer times are also obviously longer, this effects where the power comes in. 


If you install a 60mm instead of a 57mm crankshaft on a MALOSSI kit, the 3mm further stroke have to be compensated for a 1.5mm gasket. If you play around with the gaskets on the head and base you can alter where the power comes in, for a higher top speed or a more torquey scooter.


Available in 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1.0mm - 0.5mm is standard, please click on the drop down menu for options. 


The top quality gasket material is made from aramid and man-made mineral fibres bonded with nitrile rubber, we use this for all our gaskets. Suitable for sealing out oils and fuels, also water, steam, gases and many chemicals! 


Complies with test requirements of BS7531 Grade Y

Vespa - Malossi 139 and 166 base gasket, PX 125, 150 Etc- Paper type, *

Sales Tax Included
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