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 BGM rim for all Lambrettas of the series 1-3 (Li, LiS, TV, SX, GT, DL, GP), Silver painted. Please note: the paint on some of these rims in the past was dodgy, I'm please to say I think they have sorted this problem out now as these rims look perfect.

  The bgm original rims offer you:

  •   High-quality workmanship
  •   Very high fitting accuracy
  •   Correct rim profile
  •   Correct positioning of the vent hole
  •   Excellent concentricity for a pressed rim
  •   Excellent price/performance ratio


   The rim should be carefully checked every time you change a tyre. Decades old rims often show damage to the studs, the rim flange or a rusted rim base. Here the bgm rim offers the perfect replacement.

 Important mounting advice: As with original Innocenti rims, no more than 4 - 5 bar should be applied to the tire when the rim is only bolted to the stud bolts. Tightening torque of the rim nuts 27 Nm.

Sticky's Spanner's Manual says - "Tyres that use inner tubes deflate very quickly when punctured. To avoid accidents make sure that your wheels are assembled properly (without pinching the tubes in the rims) and using only the best components such as non-rusty rims and quality inner tubes".

 These replace the FA F.A. Italia type as they don't seem to be available any more.



Part number: LUBGM7960S

Lambretta Wheel Rim - Standard split rim, silver - BGM

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