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Scooter for sale

FOR SALE - Complete, restored Lambretta Series 2.   Price: £6,000 - £8,000 depending on spec.


*FOR SALE - Complete Lambretta Series 2* This will be fully restored to your specifications. Price: £6000 - £8000 depending on spec.
This is an Innocenti 1960 frame with all new bodywork, forks, headset Etc. and comes with the casing and all usable engine internals will have all new bearings, seals and gaskets but with your choice of top end - from a 125 to a 265! New exhaust, ignition system and carburettor (hence the variable price). The bodywork is in primer ready for your choice of colour or colours, we can even rub the paintwork through to give that 'aged' look if preferred, and will have new rubber kit, cables, fork internals, tyres and seat.
Optional extras include 5-speed gearbox, disc brake (with anti-dive), uprated seat, BGM front dampers, legshield toolbox, sprint rack Etc......
You are basically getting a brand new scooter to your specifications, registered and ready to ride away.
£3000.00 deposit required straight away to secure this scooter.
Located at lambretta upgrades in Grimsby.